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How Do You Know If You Need a Locksmith?

​It may be one of the most dreaded scenarios you find yourself in; standing on the outside of your property, unable to get in. Even if you have not experienced it personally, it’s easy to imagine the unpleasant feeling associated with being locked out.

Although it’s something that you rarely think about, it’s an easy mistake to make. It could be that you have simply accidentally left your keys inside your property, or that you have lost them all together. Regardless of whether or not it’s an emergency situation, it’s best you do your research now and choose a locksmith before an emergency does eventually arise.

Locking Yourself Out

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​Locking yourself out of your property is one of the most common mistakes to make. It is also one of the biggest pains you will ever have to deal with. You simply pick up the wrong set of keys, or forget to lift them completely.

You could be standing outside in the freezing cold, or in the pouring rain tempted to take matters into your own hands. It is recommended that if you ever find yourself in this situation that you do not try and enter the property yourself. This could cause more damage to your property which might not be covered by insurance, and could even cause personal injury.

Attempting to break the lock or smash a window could rack up hundreds of pounds worth of damages. Instead, getting in contact with an emergency locksmith could be a cheaper and more convenient solution to your problem.

Lost, Stolen or Broken Keys

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​It’s very common to lose keys; they’re small and easily forgotten.
You may have gone to remove your phone from your pocket and your key has accidentally fallen out without you knowing.

It may also be that your keys were stolen. While it’s never a good feeling to be a victim of theft, it does happen. To prevent your property from being potentially burgled, it’s recommended that you waste no time in contacting an emergency locksmith to replace your locks.

After years of use, your keys condition may begin to weaken. In this situation, there is a higher risk of your key completely breaking or snapping inside of the lock. If this happens, you will require the assistance of a locksmith to extract the broken part, retrieve your belongings and replace your key. Attempting to extract the broken piece yourself could result in you causing unnecessary damage to the lock.

Recently Moved House

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​If you have recently moved house, it’s recommended that you change all of the locks. Previous owners of the property may already have changed the locks before they left, although you cannot be too careful.

It’s a common tradition for some home owners to cut extra keys to give to family members or neighbours to be used in the event of an emergency. If this is the case, your home can be accessed by strangers regardless if you have locked the doors or not. To remove any possibilities of this happening, it’s recommended that you get in contact with a locksmith as soon as you move.

Forgotten Combinations

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Nowadays, many people may choose an electronic alternative to the traditional lock and key option. Electronic keypad locks remove all requirements for a physical key, however they are presented with another issue; human forgetfulness.

Let’s face it; passwords and code combinations are easy to forget. In fact, forgetting a password or combination has more than likely happened to everyone at some point in their lives. Many people avoid writing down or documenting these combinations for security purposes and this could result in many problems.

When you use a code combination daily, the chances of you forgetting it is greatly reduced. However, if you have recently changed to an electronic keypad lock, then remembering a new code may be difficult.

If you happen to forget the combination, do not fear. With the help of a locksmith, your electronic keypad lock can be reset and re-coded. It’s advised that if you have just switched to an electronic alternative that you write down the code for the first few days. Otherwise, you could be calling out a locksmith every single day!

Damaged Locks

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Let’s imagine a scenario. You have just closed your business for the evening, only to discover that the lock on the door is damaged or broken.

The last thing on your mind is to leave the door unlocked with all your valuable assets inside.

Perhaps the padlock that you use to lock up the valuable assets has become rusted, and you cannot seem to get it open. You could attempt to try and break the lock yourself to gain access, but unless you have a replacement padlock or a tool to break the lock you may be stuck.
In this situation, a locksmith could quickly and effortlessly remove the rusted padlock and provide a replacement on the spot.

Final Thoughts. In the event of an emergency, everyone should know a good dentist, mechanic and locksmith. It’s advised that you do your research to locate a suitable locksmith prior to an emergency arising. Taking the time to research in advance will save you time in the future when an emergency eventually happens as you have found a local locksmith who is quick, reputable and trustworthy.

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